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real estate

Own a fraction of a property without the need for significant capital.

Invest in real estate even with $ 100

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Other crypto investment opportunities

Crypto Hedge Fund. Participate in a managed portfolio of crypto assets.

Bitcoin Mining Fund. Have a regular stream Bitcoin into your wallet.

Automated investment Advisor

Grow your wealth consistently and easy with our automated investment advisor.

Invest into a range of assets

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Ocean Money empowers users to take control of their financial
future with confidence.

Our platform provides an accessible and user-friendly environment, enabling individuals to explore various investment options and make informed decisions that align with their long-term objectives.

Wealth Management FAQs

What types of opportunities will there be?

Ocean Money aims to have a diverse range of opportunities including: fractionalised real estate, managed crypto investments, early stage access to pre-IPOs and ICOs, as well as a range of mainstream investments such as stocks and more.

What is Ocean Money's hedge fund?

Ocean Money has structured an in-house trading team and fund that will provide investment options to Ocean Money’s asset management platform and a regulated hedge fund for institutional clients.

What is the trading platform Ocean Money will offer?

Ocean Money will provide a trading platform that is full of powerful functionality and caters to all levels of traders, with a wealth of tools to enhance their trading experience and prioritise risk management. The trading platforms will support spot and margin cryptocurrencies, CFDs, and Forex.

Are there any restrictions in place?

Yes, investment opportunities will be restricted according to the requirements of the company offering them, such as investor status, net worth and region.

What types of opportunities will there be?
What is Ocean Money's hedge fund?
What is the trading platform Ocean Money will offer?
Are there any restrictions in place?