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Crypto FAQs

How are funds stored?

All cryptocurrencies are stored for one-for-one in MPC wallets, with your balance fully verifiable on the blockchain, you can have peace of mind.

Can I off-ramp through Ocean Money?

Ocean Money has a range of partners for providing both off-ramping and on-ramping services across the globe, supporting EUR, GBP and USD.

How does the Ocean Money debit card work?

The Ocean Money debit card comes in a virtual and physical form, and supports both fiat and crypto, allowing you to spend both with ease.

Can I earn interest on my crypto?

Ocean Money provides access to a range of staking and yield farming services which will allow you to earn whilst holding your cryptocurrencies.

How are funds stored?
Can I off-ramp through Ocean Money?
How does the Ocean Money debit card work?
Can I earn interest on my crypto?